Tarea Diaria

If you come here during TASC: I update this during A Block, so make sure you are looking at the correct day. 

martes, el diecinueve de septiembre
  1. Go over version 2 with this Quizlet Diagram activity (do the matching).
  2. Do pages 23-25. 
  3. Tomorrow in class, after version 3, you will have an evaluación.
  4. If you weren´t in class today, go over the second version in this slideshow, slides 8-26 (make sure you are logged in to your Google account).

lunes, el dieciocho de septiembre
  1. Flipgrid (new password - cultyciv) - El fin de semana - click here or use app and enter code: 80ac31
  2. Do this textivate activity to review la primera versión de Las Guacamayas.
  3. Get even more practice here. Click on the left hand side for a variety of activities.
miércoles, el trece de septiembre

  1. Now that we have finished the Si tú la ves story part of our Ecuador unit, we are going to delve deeper into Ecuador, its culture, its geography, its people and its legends!! So, tonight you are going to read about El último hielero (the last ¨ice man¨). Read and do the activites on pages 10-13. Tomorrow in class we will watch a video about Baltazar!
  2. Tarea Semanal 1 is due Friday
  3. Honors: BTB Lección 1 is due Friday.

lunes el once de septiembre
  1. IN CLASS: 
    1. Go to this Flipgrid (code: fb60d2) and say THREE things that did (or didn't) do this weekend. Then, listen to your classmates that are in your TABLE GROUP and ask each of them a QUESTION about what they did. If  you are in a table group of three, choose one other person to ask a question
    1. Finish the Flipgrid  if you didn't in class today. 
    2. Finish the Edpuzzle. Code: defuvaw
    3. Prepare for the evaluación on Wednesday for Si tú la ves. Click here to see what you will have to do. You can have some bulleted notes. For some of the beginning writing assessments, includign this one, you will also be able to use the Sra. Velez verb chart (click here to see it) during the evaluación.
    4. If  you didn't have time to ask your table-group-mates a question, do that on the Flipgrid.
    5. Tarea Semanal 1 is due Friday.
    6. HONORS: BTB Lección 1 is due Friday.

viernes, el ocho de septiembre

  1. Edpuzzle and enter this  defuvaw

jueves, el siete de septiembre
  1. Do a practice with this Quizlet and then do page 9.
  2. If you haven´t commented on some classmates´ predictions on Flipgrid, do that here: Flipgrid
  3. HONORS: Work on your BTB book. Lección Uno is due NEXT Friday. I have the answer key, please see me to get it.

miércoles, el seis de septiembre
  1. Do pages 7-8. You probably can´t read it with a parnter, but you should read it out loud
  2. Tomorrow in class, you will have to say (a video recording) what you think will happen next in the story, so think about. You can´t use notes. (Flipgrid)

martes, el cinco de septiembre
  1. Do the "Rate your proficiency" sheet. Click here to see the proficiency levels.

Edpuzzle OR if you already have an account, enter this code: defuvaw