Blizzard Bag

  • The Blizzard Bag should be approximately one hour of work.
  • THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS for today's Blizzard Bag. Choose either option 1 or option 2. 
  • I know we have a had A LOT of Pablo recently, but today, you can get some more.
  • Do this Edpuzzle to learn about Festivals in Spain.
  • Then, watch one more of Pablo's Dreaming Spanish videos about Festivals and write the following (in Spanish, Spanglish, or English):
    • The name of the Festival
    • A brief description of what the video was about
    • Your opinion about the festival
    • New words you learned
    • If you liked the video and why or why not
    • How it is similar and/or different to a festival in our culture
OPTION 2 (good for future AP students!)

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