Tarea Semanal

In order to improve your listening/reading skills and your love of Spanish, each week you will listen to or read a minimum of 30 minutes of Spanish outside of the classroom. After doing that, you will write a short description of what you watched, what new vocabulary you learned, and anything else that you found interesting. Click here to see the rubric and a bulleted list of what you need to do. Here are some options for what to listen to / watch:
  • Dreaming Spanish Youtube channel - Tons of great stuff here!
  • Voces Digital Stories - Ask Sra. Jacobs for some suggestions.
  • Flowlingo App - There are lots of things on this language-learning App, including reading the news and watching television shows.
  • Netflix - There are a ton of movies and shows in Spanish. Many of them you can watch with Spanish subtitles (recommended). If you don't have Netflix, come to my room during TASC.
  • YouTube - There are lots of things there. One of the most popular and interesting option is Cien Latinos Dijeron. It is like Family Feud, but in Spanish.
  • BBC Mundo - Make sure you click on videos (in the middle of the page).
  • Univisión - Lots of shows and series here.
  • Telemundo - Lots of shows and series here too.
  • ATRES - This is a television channel from Spain. Not sure, but you might need to create an account. This site has Spanish subtitles!
  • RTVE - This is a television channel from Spain. Click on series at the top or explore the other types of programs.
  • El Trece - This is a channel from Argentina.
  • Hulu Latino - There are tons of telenovelas here! There are some other shows and movies too. If you don't have an account, come to my room during TASC.
  • Veinte Mundos - This is an online magazine for students learning Spanish. If you choose this option, you will listen and read.
  • Radio Ambulante - I love this podcast! This might be a a bit advanced. If you are interested, talk to me and I can give you some suggestions.
  • Canal Pakapaka is a YouTube commercial for kids, but has lots of good videos. In particular, I like La asombrosa excursión de Zamba. Check out this one about la geografía latinoamericana.
  • Música - Listen to some songs in Spanish. It would also be helpful if you watched some lyric videos as you listen.

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